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   Sapien WMI Explorer

   Get a handle on WMI classes and their properties and methods

WMI Explorer 2015 is the next generation tool for exploring the vast universe of the Windows Management Instrumentation database. The WMI database represents a huge repository of information about your servers and client machines which as a  system or network administrator you need to utilize every day.

  • Superior performance using cached data and multi-threaded code gets you results fast
  • Explore and query local and remote machines.
  • A large variety of search options enables you to access the information you need faster and more precisely.
  • Filters allow you to reduce noise and focus only on relevant information.
  • Preset and custom queries let you not only examine the classes, properties and methods but also the underlying data.
  • View all documentation for any WMI object
  • Generates sample code for PowerShell and VBScript, including calls to WMI methods
  • Local cache allows you to browse remote machines even when not connected.
For further information please go to the Sapien Website.